L’Oreal Preference Infini Voxbox

A week ago I received my first voxbox from Influenster. I am very excited to be a part of this experience. I received the L’Oréal Preference Infinia in Red Mahogany. The other option was a shade of black.  I received the email notifying me I would be getting this voxbox literally as I had hair dye in my hair. I usually use the Vidal Sassoon Runway Red shade. I probably shouldn’t have used another hair dye so soon but it turns it was worth it, I really love how it turned out.



Inside the box were 2 boxes of the hair colour and in each box there was the color optimizing crème, the color gel, the color and shine conditioner, the color refresher, a set of heavy duty gloves and the instructions.  The color refresher is what sets this hair color apart from others, you are suppose to use it 2 and 4 weeks after the initial dye and it will refresh the colour to make it look like the first day you dyed it.

First off this dye smells awful it was one of the worst I have smelled in a long time and it made my eyes water quite a bit but application was generally the same as with all at home hair dyes.  The gloves fit better than any other I have ever used, they are very generous with the size so are easy to take off without ripping and are thicker so they will last which is a good thing because you need to save them for the application of the refresher.  Last the conditioner was amazing, I loved the smell and it made my hair super soft.  The smell from the conditioner even completely erased any after smell of the hair dye as well (which was much needed since it was so strong).

Collage 2016-03-08 21_27_15

This is the before and after, as you can see the one on the right done a week ago with the Vidal Sassoon Runway Red turned out kind of orange, and the one on the left is the after done with the L’Oréal Preference Infinia Red Mahogany and looks like a nice deep red.  I really love it actually and had been looking for a new colour since I really was tired of the orangey look.  In 2 weeks I will be posting another review on how I feel about the color refresher that makes this particular hair dye new and innovative.  I hope I love it as much as the dye itself.


*Disclaimer: I received this product free to test and review.  All opinions are my own.



Book Review

Looking For Alaska


John Green


thLooking For Alaska is a coming of age book about a boy who is searching for a “Great Perhaps.”  Tired of his boring, mundane life Miles leaves for boarding school looking for more.  What he finds is perhaps more than he bargains for.

While I found the book very easy to read and cohesive I found the characters to be a bit one dimensional.  This resulted in a failure to relate and feel for the characters and “be in” the events.  I absolutely love to lose myself in books but I wasn’t able completely fall into this one.

The story was interesting enough, it was very slow to start for the lack of development in the characters but it was a book that I very easily finished.  I would recommend this book as a quick easy read who doesn’t want to get to lost in a story.  If you haven’t read John Green though I wouldn’t recommend this as a first book by him as it doesn’t live up to what he is capable of.




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